Graduate School Information

Greetings from the Dean

Developing leaders with a global mindset who can work effectively to solve local problems in world regions.

Our graduate school provides doctoral-level education with a broad perspective in agricultural science and related fields. It aims to enable students to acquire the academic knowledge and ethical values.


Our modern world faces a variety of critical problems such as the environment, food, energy and disease pandemics. In addressing these problems, even one misstep could lead to a perfect storm. In order to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we need leaders with deep knowledge, insight and global mindsets who can work efffectively to solve local problems in various regions of the world. I am confident that the Doctoral Program in Agricultural Science offered by our graduate school can meet these demands. In recent years, it has been said that Japan's educational achievements have fallen compared to other developed countries and that its position as a technologically advanced nation is in jeopardy. The fundamental reasons for this are said to be the small number of doctoral degree holders and the lack of progress in utilizing PhD holders as human resources. It goes without saying, therefore, that in order to overcome this situation, it is necessary to put even more effort into doctoral level education in the future.


Our graduate school is currently working to strengthen the efficiency of our education and research programs by expanding the number of partner institutions, holding web-based meetings, conducting entrance exams, offering classes, establishing a degree review system, disseminating information and supporting cross-sectional research projects. We are actively working on initiatives that benefit students, faculty members and our stakeholder organizations. These initiatives include building an international network of graduates: the Global Alumni Network (GAN-RENDAI). We welcome all students and working members of society - both in Japan and overseas - who are interested in doctoral studies and research activities to spend time with us at our graduate school. We sincerely hope that universities, national, public and private research institutes, corporations and other organizations will support our graduate school and provide opportunities for our graduates to succeed.

Dean of the UGSAS
Motoichiro KODAMA