Student Support Services


Rendai Base is a workspace for doctoral students. We offer facilities-large printers, book scanners and binding machines. All of staff and students of Tottori University can make a reservation. When you use your own computer, please install a printer driver as needed.


Equipment available for use

  • B0 printer(EPSON B0Plotter SCP9050G)
  • A1 printer(EPSON SC-T3150x)
  • Computers(for printer cannection)
  • Book binding machine / Paper folding machine(MAX TB-1000A、DLLES IN MA150、ACCO BRANDS Japan GSB2500R)
  • Video system (web camera, etc.)


  • Please make reservations in advance to avoid the crowds.
  • Depending on reservation details and status, you cannot make a reservetion,so please plan before using.
  • Please forgive us if you cannot use a printer because of malfunctions or unforeseen circumstances.

Please select the device you would like to reserve.