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Scholarship/Tuition exemption

1.Admission fee and tuition fee exemption

If you meet the requirements set by Tottori University, you can apply for the exemption for Admission fee and tuition fee. After screening, half of the entrance fee and full or half of the tuition fee may be waived.

Applications for entrance fee and tuition fee exemption for new UGSAS students will be guided at the time of the entrance procedure and must be submitted the application documents by the deadline.

Application for tuition fee exemption for current students are accepted within the specified period of each semester. Once application is opened, there will be announcement on the UGSAS website, so please check it constantly and follow the instruction indicated.


Reference:Tottori University HP(授業料免除・入学料免除等(大学院生))

2.Japan Student Services Organization’s Scholarship Programs (Only for Japanese students:有資格者には生活支援課より案内予定)



Inquires for entrance fee and tuition fee exemption

Scholarship section, Students support division

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