Student Support Services

Harassment Consultation Service at the UGASAS Tottori University

Tottori University aims to be a university where each student can lead a fulfilling campus life, devoting himself/herself to study, research and work in a psychologically and physically safe environment. In order to achieve this goal, any behavior that threatens the safe environment for education and research should not be tolerated.

The University is committed to preventing harassment based on the recognition that harassment violates the human rights of its members and their rights to study and work, and that it should not be tolerated.


The UGASAS at Tottori University provides the following faculty members with harassment consultation services in order to respond to consultations from students regarding harassment and other issues.

Counselor University Course E-mail
OGATA Hidehiko Tottori Vice Dean
TAKAHASHI Tadashi Yamaguchi

Bioproduction and

Bioenvironmental Sciences
MUROTA Kaeko Shimane Bioresource and Life Sciences
KUROSAKI Yasunori Tottori Global Dryland Science

The content of your consultation and your privacy will be strictly protected. Regardless of the university you are assigned to or your major, please contact the counselor you feel comfortable talking to directly. If you do not know which counselor you should consult, please contact the consultation desk.

Contact for consultation(UGSAS Tottori Office)

TEL: +81-857-31-5445 (Dial-in)