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Overseas Travel for UGSAS students

1.Condition for Overseas Travel

Irrespective of destination and purpose of travel, all international students of Tottori University who travel outside Japan shall fill up the Notification of Overseas Travel online.


【International students traveling to a third country outside Japan】

International students who travel to a third country, meaning a country other than their home country and Japan, for exchange programs, visits, conferences, and research purposes must adhere to ALL requirements below prior to their departure. 

  1. To complete either one of the following courses : Overseas Safety Education
    • “Overseas Safety Management” (especially for students who participate in exchange programs organized through/by Tottori University) 
    • "Overseas Safety Seminar" (for students who travel overseas for research, seminar and conference purposes)
  2. Submit the "Notification of Overseas Travel" to the Academic Affairs Section.
  3. Purchase Study Abroad Insurance.


【International students traveling to their home country for temporal visits】

International students who return to their home country for short-term visits, MUST submit a Notification of Overseas Travel online before traveling.

2.Notification of Overseas Travel

All students traveling abroad must submit this form before their trip.

  1. Login to the Academic Affairs System(To log in the system, it requires your TORIDAI ID and password)
  2. 「海外渡航」(Airplane icon)→「海外渡航情報登録」fill in your information
  3. Print out the form, sign and get your supervisor's consent.
    *Private travel does not require supervisor's consent
    *International student does not require parental consent
  4. Submit it to the Academic Affairs Section.

3.Overseas Safety Education

Tottori University requires all students to take the necessary safety education before traveling. Students who are traveling to participate in the international conference or to conduct overseas research also require to take this safety education. Please take the necessary courses as soon as possible after you decide to travel abroad.

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