Outline of Courses

The Course of Bioproduction and Bioenvironmental Sciences

A strong interest in problems in production, distribution, consumption, and production environment in agriculture and forestry, as well as in other areas related to forest and watershed environments, and the desire to solve such problems.


Outline of Courses

The Course of Bioresource and Life Sciences

A strong interest in the diverse vital functions found in animals, plants, fungi, etc. and the desire to challenge advanced bioscience studies focusing on the identification of such vital functions at molecular and genetic levels, as well as their utilization as resources.


Outline of Courses

The Course of Global Dryland Science

A strong interest in problems surrounding the environment and food in drylands across the world and the desire to utilize the broad viewpoint, expertise, and professional skills in international activities.


For the advancement of academic research and the development of bio-related industries.

The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (UGSAS) was founded in 1989 as an independent three-year Doctoral Course at Tottori University. The member Universities are the Graduate Schools (Master’s Course) of three Universities, Tottori, Shimane and Yamaguchi, in the Chugoku district of Japan.


We train researchers and engineers with advanced specialized skills and a wealth of knowledge.

In this graduate school, based on the purpose of the establishment of the graduate school, we aim to provide students with the general education that should be shared by advanced agricultural researchers with a broad perspective, and to acquire deep knowledge in fields related to their specialized fields. In addition, we offer common courses for graduate schools.


Scholarships, tuition fees, harassment consultation desks, etc. We also provide consultation and support for student life. In addition, from downloading various forms, matters related to working students and faculty members, We have a system in place to support you from various aspects, such as certificates.

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