Research and Educational Fields of Supervisors

As of October 1st, 2018

Course Division Name of Major Supervisor University Research and Educational Field
Major Major Research Interests
Bioproduction and Bioenvironmental Sciences

Agricultural Production Science

Toshiki ASAO Shimane Vegetable and Ornamental Science Production of vegetables and ornamentals
Katsumi OHTA Shimane Horticultural Plant Science Studies on growth control in horticultural plants
Ichiro KITA Shimane Water and Vegetation use Planning Water use planning and management, and improvement by vegetation
Nobuo KOBAYASHI Shimane Horticultural Breeding Evaluation of plant genetic resources and applications for breeding
※XU Donghe Tottori Plant Genetic Resources Genetic studies on environmental stress tolerance in crops
Akira YANO Shimane Bioenvironmental Electrical Engineering Application of electrical engineering to bioenvironmental technologies
Tadashi TAKAHASHI Yamaguchi Crop Science Establishment of low-cost and low-input crop cultivation systems
Fumio TAMURA Tottori Physiology of Fruit Trees Studies on the control of endodormancy in Japanese pears
Akira NAKATSUKA Shimane Molecular Breeding of Horticultural Crop Molecular breeding for agriculturally useful traits in horticulture crops
*Yoshimichi FUKUTA Tottori Crop Breeding and Genetics Breeding sciences for diversity, differentiation, and genetic mechanism for agricultural traits in rice
Shingo MATSUMOTO Shimane Biochemistry of Soil and Plant Nutrition Studies on the mechanism of plant nutrient acquisition in relation to soil fertility
Toshikazu MATSUMOTO Shimane Fruit science Studies on fruit growing and processed food
Haruhiko YAMAMOTO Yamaguchi Environmental Information Science Growth diagnosis of plant canopies by optical measuring methods
Managerial Economics Yasuhiro ITO Shimane History of Fisheries Study on history of agricultural, fisheries and rural problems in modern Japan
Norikazu INOUE Shimane Farm Management Farming practices and resource management on farm businesses
Makoto NOHMI Tottori Rural Economics Development and application of regional analysis methods
Hideo FURUTSUKA Tottori Agricultural Accounting The establishment of financial accounting standards for family farms and cost accounting of farm produce
Toshinobu MATSUDA Tottori Economics of Consumer Behavior Empirical analysis of consumer behavior, especially food demand
Ichizen MATSUMURA Tottori Farm Management Studies on the relationship between farm management and rural society
Kumi YASUNOBU Tottori International agricultural development studies Agricultural and rural development in Southeast Asia
Li WAN Tottori Marketing Information Analytics Agricultural products distribution channels and econometric analysis of market information
Forest and Watershed Environmental Sciences Masayuki ISHII Shimane Regional infrastructure Engineering Development of designing method for renovation of irrigation facilities
Katsuhisa ITO Shimane Forest Policy Forests, forestry and less-favored area problems and policy
Tomoyuki KUWABARA Shimane Water Environmental Conservation Studies on conservation and restoration of water environment, and purification of waste water and environmental water
Ikuo TAKEDA Shimane Water Quality and Hydrology Evaluation and control of nonpoint sources in watersheds
Nobuo TSURUSAKI Tottori Animal Taxonomy Biodiversity, chromosomes, evolution, and conservation  of land invertebrates
Ryota NAGASAWA Tottori Landscape Ecology Landscape ecological analysis on the physical and human environment in mountainous regions
Dai NAGAMATSU Tottori Plant Ecology Population dynamics of forest and grassland, vegetation science and biodiversity conservation
Yoshiyuki HIOKI Tottori Conservation and Restoration Planning of Ecosystem Ecological planning and engineering for conservation and restoration of biodiversity
Takaaki FUJIMOTO Tottori Wood Physics Analysis of wood property variation, and development of measurement techniques
Hiroshi YAJIMA Shimane Environmental Fluid Dynamics Water environment and hydrodynamics in a water body
Environmental Bioscience Futoshi ARANISHI Shimane Genetic Ecology Molecular evolutionary, ecological and conservative genetics of aquatic organisms
Kazuhito ITOH Shimane Soil Microbiology Plant-microbe interaction
Shin-ichi ITO Yamaguchi Plant Pathology Functional genomics of plant pathogens
Makoto UENO Shimane Plant Pathology Studies on the expression of resistance in plant-microbe interaction
Hironori KAMINAKA Tottori Plant-Microbe Interactions Molecular mechanisms of immune response and mycorrhizal symbiosis in plants
Junichi KIHARA Shimane Plant Pathology Photoresponces of the phytopathogenic fungi
Motoichiro KODAMA Tottori Plant Pathology Molecular mechanisms in plant-microbe interactions and plant disease resistance
Yoko TAKEMATSU Yamaguchi Ecological Entomology Biodiversity and ecology of termites
Ryoichi MIYANAGA Shimane Insect Ecology Biology and management of wild bees
Keiko YAMAGUCHI Shimane Aquatic Ecology Aquatic ecosystems, relationships between benthic animals and water environments, and their applications
Course Division Name of Major Supervisor University Research and Educational Field
Major Major Research Interests
Bioresource and Life Sciences Fungus and Mushroom Sciences Tadanori AIMI Tottori Biochemical Technology of Microorganisms Biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology of microbial production
Norihiro SHIMOMURA Tottori Mushroom Breeding and Cultivation Studies on breeding and cultivation of mushroom resources
Akira NAKAGIRI Tottori Fungal Biodiversity Taxonomy, ecology and evaluation of fungi adapted to aquatic habitats
Nitaro MAEKAWA Tottori Mushroom Taxonomy and Ecology Biodiversity and ecological function of mushrooms
Teruyuki MATSUMOTO Tottori Bioscience of Fungal Genetic Resources Isolation and analysis of useful genes from fungal genetic resources and their utilization
Bioscience and Biotechnology Kazuhito AKAMA Shimane Plant Molecular Biology Study on regulatory mechanism of tRNA gene expression and physiological function of  g-aminobutyric acid in plants
Masaaki AZUMA Tottori Molecular Entomology Ion and water regulation in insect cells
Jiro ARIMA Tottori Bio-Functional Chemistry Functional analysis of enzymes and microorganisms, and their application to industry
Takahiro ISHIKAWA Shimane Plant Molecular Physiology Biosynthesis pathway of antioxidants and metabolism of reactive oxygen species in photosynthetic organisms
Makoto KAWAMUKAI Shimane Genetic Engineering Signal transduction, cell cycle control and biosynthesis of coenzyme Q in yeasts
*Akihiko KOSUGI Tottori Applied Microbiology Development of biomass utilization technology using microbial functions
Yuuki KODAMA Shimane Symbiotic biology Elucidation of the mechanism that establishes endosymbiosis between the Paramecium bursaria and Chlorella spp
Takahiro SHIOTSUKI Shimane Insect Chemical Biology and Agrobio-Regulators Chemical biology and molecular mechanisms in regulation of insect development and their applications
Tsuyoshi NAKAGAWA Shimane Plant Molecular Genetics Molecular mechanisms of plant development and technology for analysis of plant genes
Akio NISHIKAWA Shimane Developmental Biology-Animal Studies using amphibian about cell growth, differentiation, apoptosis, and morphogenesis
Jun'ichi MANO Yamaguchi Mechanisms of Environmental Stress-tolerance in Plants Elucidation and application of plant tolerance mechanisms against bitotic environmental stresses
Takanori MARUTA Shimane Plant Physiology Redox metabolism network and stress response in plants
Applied Bioresource Chemistry Hiroyuki AZAKAMI Yamaguchi Molecular Microbiology Molecular mechanisms of bacterial colonization to host surface
Atsushi ISHIHARA Tottori Natural Product Chemistry Function, Biological activity, and Biosynthesis of metabolites produced by plants and microorganisms
Tsuyoshi ICHIYANAGI Tottori Organic Chemistry The molecular design and functional analysis of bioactive compounds
Tsuyoshi KAWANO Tottori Bioorganic Chemistry Regulation of diapause, metabolism and longevity corresponding to the growth environment
Hidehisa SHIMIZU Shimane Nutritional Pathophysiology Study on the relationship between food-derived bacterial metabolites or cyanobacteria-derived toxins, and pathogenesis of diseases
Jun-ichi TAMURA Tottori Organic Chemistry Chemical synthesis of bioactive glycans and isolation/characterization of natural glycans
Kaeko MUROTA Shimane Bioavailability and Food Function Bioavailability and physiological function of lipophilic food factors
Tatsuyuki YAMAMOTO Shimane Biophysical Chemistry Spectroscopic studies on proteins and inclusion compounds
Kazushige YOKOTA Shimane Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology Molecular cell biology of food and related substances involved in bioinformation, nutrition, and health
Fumio WATANABE Tottori Food Science Chemistry and nutrition of vitamin B12 and related compounds in food
Course Division Name of Major Supervisor University Research and Educational Field
Major Major Research Interests
Global Dryland Science Global Dryland Science Kinya AKASHI Tottori Molecular and Cellular biology Molecular responses of drought-tolerant plants and their application to molecular breeding
Ping AN Tottori Plant
Physiological responses and relative mechanisms of plants and plant ecophysiology in dry lands
Toshiyoshi ICHINOHE Shimane Livestock Feeding Evaluation of ruminants production system
Koji INOSAKO Tottori Soil and Water Management Conservation, restoration and sustainable use of soil and water environment
Yasuomi IBARAKI Yamaguchi Bio-environmental Control Engineering Environmental control in plant production
Tsuneyoshi ENDO Tottori Soil Chemistry Influence of soil properties and irrigation water quality on soil salinization/sodication in irrigated farmlands of arid regions
Hidehiko OGATA Tottori Irrigation and Drainage Facilities Engineering Evaluation of construction materials and structural performance of irrigation and drainage structures
Reiji KIMURA Tottori Boundary Layer Meteorology Heat and water balance in arid lands
Toshio SATO Shimane Environmental Sanitary Engineering Development of new technology and functional materials for wastewater treatment systems and control of environmental water quality
Katsuyuki SHIMIZU Tottori Water Use and Management Monitoring and assessment of irrigation water management
Hisashi TSUJIMOTO Tottori Molecular Breeding Breeding of drought tolerant crop lines by gene and chromosome engineering
Atsushi TSUNEKAWA Tottori Conservation Informatics Monitoring and modeling of plant production and ecosystem change in drylands
Mitsuru TSUBO Tottori Climate Risk Management Dryland agrometeorology and climate-smart agriculture
Nigussie Haregeweyn AYEHU Tottori Land Management Watershed processes monitoring, modeling and management
Haruyuki FUJIMAKI Tottori Soil Conservation Development of methods for preventing salt accumulation and erosion and remediation of degraded soils
Tsugiyuki MASUNAGA Shimane Pedosphere Ecological Engineering Control and use of soil functions of environmental protection-restoration and plant production
Hiroshi YASUDA Tottori Arid Environmetrics Research on aqua system environmetrics in arid lands
Satoshi YAMADA Tottori Plant Nutrition Mechanisms of Response to Stresses of Plants in Arid Regions
Norikazu YAMANAKA Tottori Revegetation in Arid Land Ecological studies on woody plants in arid lands
Sadahiro YAMAMOTO Tottori Environmental Soil Science Conservation of soil environment and sustainable use of farmland in arid regions

* Cooperation with JIRCAS.