Outline of Courses

Outline of Courses

Bioproduction Science

Agricultural Production Science

The goal of this Division is to develop systematic programs for agricultural production. The Division offers research programs in the following areas: crop physiology; plant genetics and breeding; agricultural and horticultural production. Research facilities for crops of tropical and semi-arid or drylands are also available.

Forest Resources Science

The research programs of this Division deal with forests or woodlands for producing wood resources as well as environmental resources for supporting human beings. This Division offers basic and applied environmental forest science such as; forest ecology, dendroecology, silviculture and tree breeding, forest management and planning, forest engineering, wood science and woody biochemistry, soil and water conservation of forests and wood-lands, environmental impact assessment of forests and monitoring and mitigation of wood-lands in rural area.

Managerial Economics

The primary goal of this Division is two-fold: to investigate agricultural and forestry problems in national and international economies and the rational development of management organization based on analyses of factors for production and marketing, to conduct development of information management techniques necessary for agriculture and forestry, as well as making predictions of supply and demand for agricultural and forestry products in the world.