Outline of Courses

Outline of Courses

Bioproduction Science

Agricultural Production Science

The goal of this Division is to develop systematic programs for agricultural production.

Forest Resources Science

The research programs of this Division deal with forests or woodlands for producing wood resources as well as environmental resources.

Managerial Economics

Investigating agricultural and forestry problems in national and international economies and the rational development of management organization.

Bioenvironmental Science

Production Environmental Engineering

This Division offers research programs in the following two fields: agricultural engineering and agricultural machinery.

Environmental Science

The mission of this Division is to develop ecologically sound practices that facilitate stable agricultural and forestry production.

Bioresources Science

Bioscience and Biotechnology

The major focus of this Division is characterizations and functional analysis in living organisms.

Applied Bioresources Chemistry

The major goal of this Division is to develop advanced utilization of biological resources using chemical and biological techniques and tools (chemical biology).

Global Arid Land Science

Global Arid Land Science

The goal of this Division is to secure both a stable food supply to support the increasing population and environmental protection.